Mike Fortunato  › Union Strikes at Indy   October 18, 2010 at 8:48pm

To address Brandon's concerns:

I made the decision that penalizing the player in question for playing on the wrong card would have been a bit severe. Since he did complete all holes (which is what I was told), I felt that he deserved the score he got, even though he was on the wrong card, whereas the player who showed up late did not complete all the holes, therefore he took a 4 stroke penalty on all uncompleted holes. I made sure to let the player in question know that in the future, if he were not playing on the right card, most TD's wouldn't be as lenient as me. I believe that he learned his lesson and that is the most important thing. It was my fault for not addressing the group in which the player had mistakenly joined and inquiring on the matter. It was my understanding that the player in question had completed all the holes, but on another card. Had I known that he missed a hole, I would have given him the same penalty that the other player received for incomplete holes.

To address Shawn's concerns:

I believe that the player in question has never played any 101 events and I hadn't met him until yesterday. My definition of lame **** is making dumbfounded comments on matters in which you have no frame of reference. The fact that youre suggesting that I would give anyone an advantage because they are a friend or a "local", as you put it, is offensive.