John Minicuci  › Gale Vaughn Memorial   July 17, 2010 at 6:33pm

These are the tees from last year's GVM:
Pros, Pro Masters, AM Master, AM1 and AM2 - Stony in the am, RB in the pm - both long tees
AM3 - River Bends in the am, long tees, Stony in the pm, short tees
AM4, AM Women - River Bends in the am, short tees, Stony in the pm, short tees
The format will probably be the same but ultimately Dan will make the call.

Registration for everyone is mandatory at River Bends.
Everyone switches courses after lunch.
Awards will be at River Bends.
Because both courses hold 96 players - registration is not mandatory however, it helps when people are pre-paid prior to the event so the registration line does not take an hour.
The Stony disc golf course will still be open to the gen public.
The River Bends disc golf course will be closed except for the tournament players.