Keith Aten  › Freeland Open   August 3, 2010 at 8:38pm

The clubs pay for the Berth packages from the MDGIO . They are not given to them. The berths actual value is $40 and the clubs are allowed to value them at $15. The last three events I helped run LOST $ not made any so that theory is gone !!! I spend over 100 hrs working for the many clubs I am associated with. I am the only original founder of the MDGO still working for YOU the players and have spent well over 100 hrs per year)for YOU and I have yet to see 1 red cent for my efforts and do not expect any now or in the future. I take you comments as a personal attack and do not take them lightly !!!! Yes the club did poss make some $ off this event they should have (I hope) they put in the hours of work to prepare and I know Freeland DGC uses the $ for Disc golf in there area.

As for the low payout (as you call it) entry fee ($30)- PDGA fee and series fee ($5)-players pack ($10) = purse - berths (4 @ $15) = total purse. Payout 50% of field.

If this is so wrong and the state championship is such a rip off we wont be seeing you there then correct ! ?

Sorry for my rant but come on