MARK KRUSE  › THE 2 COURSE CHALLENGE...FROSTY'S REVENGE!   February 1, 2010 at 7:26pm

scores were up on the pdga site saturday eve. 7:30 p.m. ish, could not get them on the scene till this a.m....i'm really lo-tech. weather was definitely COLD! i'm still thawing out. there was alot of work involved in this event, especially the logistics of setting up at one course and then taking it all down and setting it all up again at another course...extra holes added and all. there is no way i could have pulled this off with out the enormous help of several excellent volunteers: HUGE thanks to scott shaw, pete kwas, dustin st. aubin and eric vogelpohl!!! next year , i think we'll run the frosty's revenge just at one course...just too much work and time. speaking of frosty, for this innaugural year of the event, i went to the largest division and chose the person in last place after the 1st round...sean morgan and labeled him frosty! every person he beat in the 2nd round won him $5 of plastic! SEAN BEAT 14 PEOPLE in the 2nd round and won $70 worth of plastic!!! ...congrats sean. i'm not sure how we'll go about choosing frosty next year , but it should be fun! we collected more can goods than we've ever rec'd. and the grand total will be sent to me shortly by the seagate food bank...they were very thankful...especially that alot of you helped load it all in their truck! we raffled off over $500 worth of plastic, apparrel and g/c.....too many people won items.....i can't remember all of them but i think michalak won the most stuff! i hope everyone had a great time and i hope to see many of you at the BIG BEAVER OPEN!!!