Thomas "T" D.  › Bag Tag Challenge 2k10   June 2, 2011 at 6:33am

Bently/POMAP is da bomb!!! What an awesome round for tags today!! If you stayed home because you didnt want to get wet,you missed 18 holes of SUNNY disc golf on a sweet,technical course. Thank you Tom Bentley and Matt Hylton for having our group at the course today. Fun and tight holes with mighty fine fairways. There was a $Dubs Ript Revenge Skins Game after the Shuffle, that was such a great time. Hole 10 with the soccer ball on top fell to Thomas "T" D. with a sweet Hyzer Pro D Avenger SS!! Good for a long standing 24 ounce beer to the First player to take the ball off the basket. "Rage hit a fantastic "Black Ace" at hole 4 shooting at the 9th hole!!! "T" and "Rage hit the Tri-Fecta with a 8th hole shoot-out for CTP. A grand day of golf indeed. Small turn-out but a great time.