Thomas "T" D.  › Bag Tag Challenge 2k10   November 25, 2010 at 9:43am

Captains Log Star Date 10.23.2010..This will be my final entry for this day. The Meadow Ridge "Ice Cream Bowl" was a horrific experience. Two crewmen lost by the 12 hole. Appeared to be an over consumption of an alien alcoholic beverage. Several crew members totally ate sub-space **** on the icy concrete pads. A few of the crew went down several times, causing me to wonder if this strange cold white substance covering the entire course wouldnt be the end of our quest. All of our disc-weapons proved difficult to control but fairly easy to recover. The ratio of par/actual hucks was indescribable but I will try to put into words my best observational description.." HOLY SH*T!! This place is... is a down-right tough place to throw, with the white substance, the clear, "slick as snot" material underneath and the D*MN ITS COLD temperature..Is it worth colonizing?..Oh H*LL YAH!!! This is not the Final Frontier,,,,,nor mankinds last attemp to conquer this world. Our civilization will must go reap the multitude of Aces and Birdies that await..To boldly throw,like no man has thrown before. This is the voyage of AB-DG 2k10..ONWARD THRU THE FOG to GO FORTH AND MULTIPLY.......WITH IMPUNITY AND UNRELENTING COURAGE. Captain Devastator...outta here.