Justin Roggero  › Michigan Cooperative Point Series - Summer   September 30, 2010 at 12:57am

i mean yea the whole driving across the state for a doubles round sounds ludacris in all aspects, i feel as the quad points thing for the final is fine, but why not make it singles next year, maybee make brackets for 1 through 100 are on and so on like the divisions and give every one a fair chance that way. i wat to make it clear that not in any way am i saying this is wrong the way it is but i mean im like 80th or 89th and even if i took first and beat what is it 48 people quad points will shoot me up 192 points that probably wouldnt put me in the final 9 so to drive that far for something wuick just doesnt seem, worth it i love the idea ad everything done but thats good money for some of us... and matt we do know pdga rules man, anybody who joins knows about the grace period. some golfers will play play up because they want more for themselves not the same damn thing... i mea i just started last year ive played am4 in most of my tournaments but i beat out 20 odd people to get my birth and played am 3 and beat another 20 some i mean come on challenge yourself right? i dont play against other people i play against myself idc how good you are theres always somebody better, and you can kiss ass for talking **** about ferrell , not every game is perfect ass...i really wish some of you ****ing eastsiders would come to whitehal and throw we didnt have one person from the eastside play any of our leagues this year, you may think its **** because u played it years back but lay all 27 now and lets see how a bad ass shoots if your so ****ing hot !