Jay B  › Motor City Chain Gang   September 25, 2012 at 9:23pm

Ted....i WILL ****ing yell across whatever fairway i need to yell at ANYONE who is disracting myself or other players, and yea john it was me shining my light back at whoever was shining the light because after the THIRD TIME my card yelled about the light it still continued to shine and move around, the light doesnt necessarily have to be shining directly at someone to impede their night vision or distract them, just looking at a bright spot in the pitch black is like having a camera flash in your eyes right before you throw, thats why bright lights like that shouldnt be used for disc at nite because you have no idea where the light can be distracting other players especially a wide open course like ff, and btw i dont have a problem with ANYONE personally just the light being used, its not my intention to insult, offend or instigate an arguement with anyone just making a point