Kyle Fendrick  › NUDGA   August 29, 2012 at 2:36pm

Well we had 8 people show and everyone seemed to like the 9 drive thing, could use a little tweaking maybe. It was pretty easy to keep track of drives and I think it made the last couple of holes really interesting. If no one objects I think we'll do it this way for a couple weeks and see how people respond. Going forward it'll be $3 to play with $2 going to payout and $1 going to the club. We'll also have 2 $1 ctps and a $1 ace pot so $6 total if you want in on everything. Payout won't be big but in my opinion that's not really what doubles is about anyway. Let everyone know that doubles is back (with a couple changes) and we'll see how it works with a bigger turnout.