Justin H  › NUDGA   August 27, 2012 at 10:19pm

Here is a suggestion for a sulution...just a suggestion.
We ask each player to register for only $2. All of that $2 dollars goes to payout. This way we are playing competitively for a prize, even if its a small payout (pay out is not the priority here, right?)
Then we provide some options, a $1 ace pot that will accumulate, and then four 50cent cpts. if we have 10 players buy ito the ctps, then one ctp will pay out 5 bucks, not bad.
So now we are up to $5 dollars for the whole package, but only $2 dollars to get you on the list to play.

Now here is the big change...
Instead of pairing up an A player with a B player, we randomly draw and pair up A players with another A player and B players with B players. This will create two seperate pots to payout. Serioulsy, who cares how big they are? This may result in some weak payout for one of the divisions on any given week, but who cares about payout?! This will also enable us to play a veriety of tee pads without pushing anyone beyond their skill level. personly, I would like to play from the reds once in a while, but would want to force a beginner to do so. Team Utah/creekside dubs has had a lot of success with this model over the years. At least this addresses the cost, and the tee pads. any thoughts on this suggestion??