Jeremiah Simono  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 25, 2012 at 9:54pm

For those that weren't there or may have missed it last Wednesday...

I will be running a new doubles League at Hilltop Monday Nights. I heard people say they can't make it Mondays as well as some who said Tuesdays were no good. Sorry if you would like to come out Monday nights but can't... I had to pick a day and Monday was the one with a buffer between Wednesday Dubs and most Tournaments.

This will be a test run through July to see if there is enough demand for at least 20 people to show up regularly. It will be the same time, format, payout, and fees (for ADGA members at least) as WND, Rick has agreed to a reduced course fee for league play so it will be $5 for the league fee and $2 to Hilltop for the course fee. Fees are higher for non-ADGA... so if not already, now would be a great time to join.