Mobile Birdie  › Freeland Disc Golf Club   June 21, 2012 at 4:53pm

This is to all the club member's, player's, and the casual's of Discgolf it wasn't Mobile Birdie idea to step-on the clubs toes by holding our touranment at Freeland's & Chippewa Banks course. We where in a rush to get one going and didn't properly go throught the right motion to get one started. Mobile Birdie will be giving 25% of profits back to the Freeland Disc Golf Club & Chippewa Banks Disc Golf. Plus it's about time to DO WORK!! On these course's so this Friday and Sunday at at 9am Midland need's more work to get ready for the Midland Open way more then was put into Freeland so come out and be proud of what we have here in Saginaw Area it just good to be out side and movin. Jim Fries and Buffalo Sanders will be out there to get it whippp right back into shape so come join in helping hand's. If you don't have a ride call 493-6533 we can get rides out there We are here to stay and want to give back to this game as much as the game gave to us.