eric centanni  › MADGE - The Medina Area Disc Golf Experience   June 18, 2012 at 6:37am

Due to overwhelming requests for participation in the Roscoe’s Rage event on July 8th, we have decided to open the field to 90 players.

There is only one change we have made to help us run this event smooth and successfully.

Roscoe’s Rage WILL NOW BE PRE-PAID REGISTRATION ONLY… you can pay for the event in two separate ways to ensure that all information needed by us will be obtained.

1) pay through the PDGA sign up section that is linked to Roscoe’s Rage on
2) you can pay an officer of the Summit Disc Golf Association that will be working on this event.
Mitch Renwick
Eric Centanni
Katie Meloy.

All players who are currently on the list (and waiting list) will be guaranteed a spot until June 29th. After that payment deadline the spots will be given to any person who pays the entry fee. Online registration through the PDGA website will be open until July 6th, but your spots will only be held for you until June 29th.
IF there are any openings on the day of the tournament we will take cash registration the morning of the event… But you will not receive a tee shirt for the event.

Look for the link on the PDGA site soon. It is not up now but the confirmation e-mail has been sent and it should be up shortly.

Thank you.