Patrick Fulkerson  › Charlotte Disc Golf Association   June 16, 2012 at 2:51am

Tags are in and here's how it works!

$15 a tag.
What does the tag get you.
-CDGA membership. (The ability to vote on all issues that warrant a
vote, Majority of significant changes will be put to a vote)
-Ability to compete for bragging rights and other benefits.

Break down of the $15
$5 of each tag goes directly to the club funds to help with League payouts, course maintenance, etc...
$10 Each goes into the prize fund for the tags.

Prize breakdown
All cash. 1/3rd the field will get cash. If we have 20 people,
breakdown would roughly be.

How to compete for tags.

Every Tuesday league round, people are expected to put there tags up for grabs! That's the whole field not just your card. Larissa or Myself will be present to collect the tags prior to league rounds and pass out the tags at the end of each of the round.
Once your done with your round, we will hand tags back out to the best score that round. If there happens to be a tie, The person who had the lowest tag to start the round gets the lowest available tag at that point.

People are encouraged to play for tags when and where ever! Everyone who buys a tag will be capable of submitting tag updates on the scene. Each person is encouraged if they have time to try and keep their tag number current on the scene so people can see who has what tag!

If at the end of any league round you may be in a hurry and don't want to wait for the tags to be passed back out, You may grab the highest numbered tag and bolt.

If you're in a tournament with another player and playing the same layout as them, Please check with each person prior to the tournament starting that you are also battling for tags. During tournaments, Tags will be exchanged at the end with the total score after both rounds.

Bags should be kept in/on your bag at all times to allow for impromptu bag tag challenges!

You may purchase tags from myself or Larissa on Sundays/Tuesdays. You can also contact me on the scene if you'd like to make special arrangements.