Stu Jensen  › NUDGA   June 12, 2012 at 7:28pm

Final thanks to e everyone that helped me. Especially Rod and Mook. Without both of you this would not have happened. Thanks to Kent, Rick, Big Jim, Tony Spendlove, T1 & 2, Todd Schaffer, Eky, Tom Hughes, Pat, Brodey, Josh, Rob, Nigel, Chad, everyone that helped on the maintenance days. Also thanks to my fellow Td's for support and advice again Rod and Mook, but also DB Dave, Steve Loyd, Dave Roper, Craig Myrick, and Doug Smith. Last but not least a very special thanks to the entire organization, NUDGA! This is an amazing coalition of people. I often tell people that it's not so much a club, its more of a brotherhood. Sorry if I missed your name. But thank you too.