Patrick Fulkerson  › Charlotte Disc Golf Association   May 31, 2012 at 6:40pm

This is not confusing its very simple.
1) CDGA is not just a League. It is a club which has lots of things it does. Paying to play in a league should not give anyone the right to tell the club how to run its affairs. You don't go to a bowling alley and play on a league and expect to tell the owner of the bowling alley how to run his alley.

2) Everyone's invited to the meetings as everyone's opinions matter to me. I will listen to anyone who has an opinion on something especially if its constructive.

3) Again with all the specific questions about club affairs everyone is quick to demand info on a website but no one shows up in person to a meeting to get this info. The club currently has no extra money as we are in the process of getting our own disc inventory to assist in payouts for league and tournaments.

4) Yes, board members will have tags. Yes we will pay for tags just like the next person.

5) If everyone is so passionate about having a vote then paying 15$ to become a voting member shouldn't that big of a deal especially since 95% of that 15$ goes right back into pay outs for people. Their are more topics to vote on than just League events. Hence why you have a membership fee. This was also discussed at the last major meeting last year where people where invited to and it was discussed with everyone. No one had any complaints at this meeting when membership fees were brought up. Then again only 10 or so people showed up.

In short, I happy that so many people are passionate about they feel the club should be ran and give the impression they want to be involved. My request to all of you is to take action not just post online about it. Show up to meetings, Show up on clean up days to help out, ECT. Theres so much more to CDGA than just playing on Tuesdays and complaining on the boards.