Patrick Fulkerson  › Charlotte Disc Golf Association   May 6, 2012 at 11:39pm

Starting Sunday may 13th, Any Sunday which I do not have a tournament. I will be running $5 random flip doubles at 10am. This is a long side the Casual handicap doubles that is already played on Sundays at the same time. The two different leagues will share an ace pool and that is all. The $5 doubles is not handicapped, and only people who has paid in the 5$ will be your partner. I will pay out 1st and 2nd place 80/20*(Cali gets money back and still competes for Cash) split. If there is a odd number of players for the $5 doubles, one person will end up playing Cali. Who ever ends up being Cali gets there money back and Traditional Cali rules will be used, not the Cali rules for the Handicap doubles currently ran.

Cali Rules.
1 Additional throw per hole.

Ace pool Rules for anyone not familiar with it.
$5 to enter, $1 each week there after. Once an ace is hit. You must pay another 5$ to enter the next Ace pool. Then $1 there after till another ace is hit... Rinse repeat.

Any questions and comments, Let me know. I will post on here any week in which I will not be running the doubles. I will have it posted by Friday of that week. Weeks I am not running the $5 doubles people are still encouraged to show up and play in the handicap doubles which are ran the same time!