Kevin Zane  › Disc Fanatics of Kansas   March 30, 2012 at 2:29am

**Disclaimer** This is not intended to be "preachy" or anything of that nature. I just care so deeply for all of my fellow DFOKers and enjoy seeing all of you improve as players.

Living in the land of super technical "unfairways" has taught me that being able to crush distance drivers isn't worth crap 90% of the time.
I have been doing a great putting drill that I thought I'd share with you all. I've been doing it for a couple weeks and my putting confidence is growing immensely. Knowing that you are 90% or better within 20' totally changes the chances you can confidently take. 20' doesn't seem that far, but I couldn't even begin to imagine all of the stupid 15-20ft putts I have missed that could have been gimmies.
It is a variation of Scott Papa's drill from the current issue of PDGA Magazine:
Basically take a practice basket, 3 or more mini markers and any number of the exact same putter if possible (The article reccomends 6): take 3 steps from the basket in each direction (Ideally one uphill, one downhill and one relatively flat. Varying levels of each would be ideal). Place the markers at the end of each line and putt from there EXACTLY as you would putt during a round> (If this means carrying another mini with you to put it down each time, then do it...and dont carry the stack of discs in your other hand unless you would in an actual round). If you have no "ritual" for putting, then it is time to develop one. Follow your routine exactly like you would in any other round for every single putt. From each locatin, sink every putt with your go-to stance followed by your secondary stance. Then move each marker back one large step each time that you make every putt from the stack in a row. I have been working only inside the circlce (10 meters) and once I am comfortable hitting inside that range consistently I will add objects to force uncomfortable stances, lines, poor footing, etc.
I really wish that I would have made myself get out and putt more, but living in an apartment really made me make up excuses for why I didn't feel like dragging the basket downstairs and doing some drills. Now that I have such a great practice area, I wish that I would have started a long time ago. So close your browser tab and go do some drills. You will thank yourself for it in no time.
For me (and I'm sure most people) putting is very much dominated by my lack of confidence. If you aren't hitting your putts, move closer until you are feeling good about it. Look at bad weather (wind, extreme heat, cold) as an opportunity for even better practice if you plan on playing at a competitive level.
Also, make sure that your basic fundamentals are in check (grip, consistent line, balanced stance, weight transfer). Drills will make all of that second nature in no time.
If you don't have a practice basket, holes 1, 2(short), 3, 6(long) or 7 at Warner would all be great practice areas. At Tuttle, number 9 or 15 might be decent and Fairmont might be a good place to take your dog or whatever.