donny v  ›   January 23, 2012 at 9:20pm

1/23/2012 Update...
Four Course Developments

Southern section: East China Township Park ~ After a small presentation and a info packet, the Twp likes the disc golf course idea and will look at some of our course designs. So far so good. They also need some more detailed quotes, inventory of donated equipment and installation costs. Next meeting in Feb.

Central section: Columbus County Park ~ Attended the quarterly CCP Park Advisory Board Meeting and found out that we will be in the Updated P & R Master Plan. We can start coming up with designs which they will look over to see what will be best for the park and it's future. Looking at designing a 9-holer near the new Lodge and will also submit two 18-hole designs for the future when the other two sections of the park have the parking lots, restrooms, etc. built. One step closer.

Northern section: Baker's Field Park ~ I've only been able to attend one meeting back in December but hope to have everything ready by next month's meeting. Did have a chance to walk some of the park but my son and I were thwarted off by some nasty rough patches of thorn bushes. There is quite a bit of land here and has some great potential if they could get the trails in better shape. I also found an older park design which had a disc golf course in the plans. It looked promising.

Ira Twp update ~ Haven't heard anything new but will stop by their next meeting on Monday to see if we can help.

It takes time, trust, and a whole lot of meetings but it will be worth it in the end. I'm positive that if we do things right, they will see how great disc golf can really be for the parks.