Troy Later  › NUDGA   October 10, 2011 at 4:09pm

Everything turned out very well. We had a little bit of weather but nothing to bad. A WRDGC member named Ray Selbe won the Ace Race with one ace and three metals, 2nd place went to Sammie Moore with one ace two metals, Third was a three way tie between Max hall Troy Later and JZ with one ace one metal. Troy later JR and Gauge Correll tied for fourth and fith with four metals!! We paid out six places in the Ace Race and five in our free tournament afterwards. Josh Newton took first place with a new course Record -9 down also taking two of the five CTP's. Gauge Correll took 2nd with a -3 down. Brady Boyter 3rd, Dan Hall 4th and Troy Later fifth. Thank you so much for all the NUDGA's that came up and supported WRDGC!!!!!!It was a hell of a weekend and I hope everyone there had a blast.