Jamie Adams  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   September 19, 2011 at 11:34am

Hilltop has the King of the Hill tshirts on sale for $8 a piece, and discs are 25% off as well- some sweet plastic at a steal of a price- Star Sidewinders, TL's, and Vulcans, Champion Roadrunners, Pro Destroyers, Wraiths... I can't remember all the kinds, but they are a good deal! The gals are usually at the snack shack until 7 or so, stop by and get some sweet plastic at a good price!

Hilltop will be closing for the 2011 season Sunday October 2nd, plan on playing a final round in the morning/early afternoon and then if you have an hour or two stick around and help take down the course starting around 4pm. Thank you in advance to those who have already committed to helping that day!