Patrick Fulkerson  › Charlotte Disc Golf Association   September 9, 2011 at 6:20pm

Since you dont know me, I'll let the Pat thing go, for the future I request as humbly as I can please use Patrick.
I am not a board member, I also hardly play. I show up to assist because no one else was available. I apologize if I do not seem friendly I show up do whats asked and leave.

As far as meetings, Have you taken the inititive to ask when the next meeting is? I know Jim showed up to the last meeting with some great ideas. Also your concerns are exactly what needs to be expressed respectfully at a meeting and bring these things up. Constructive critisim is also nice, general ****ing on the boards doesn't help anyone.

It's nice you know what needs to be done, why haven't you offered to do any of the help at the last couple tournaments or leagues? Knowing is nice, action is a lot better.

As a member for a while, I apologize for your first year seeming unfriendly, though its a two way street, you show up on tuesdays play and don't ever say anything to me either. I know for a fact everyone on our league is generally friendly and well manored (I may be the exception here as its no secret I've butted heads with a few people).

As far as the nominations and votting taken place every year, How come? We don't elect a president or any government position in america on a yearly basis...How can a board member accomplish long term goals, if we change them every year. From my understanding due to the board being as new as it is and just getting on its feet and completely organized they are sticking with the same people for another year to implament all the plans they have been working on this year. Again I believe nominations and such will continue the following year. Though again I am not a board member, nor hold any more weight on my opinions than you do.

and as a side note, I am sure I've asked you for ace pool at least a couple times =P.
The clubs still growing, and learning.