Notcha Momma  › Motor City Chain Gang   September 8, 2011 at 6:31am

I know what its like to get ripped off. I have no idea who Jeff is, but on the disc golf course even cool people aren't cool.

IMHO it was a inside job. What I mean is like foursquare the social networking application. When you post on facebook via foursquare your at the bar or out of town with your family, your just giving people the chance to know you aren't home.

So if you post on this site that your out of town at a tournament and a friend of a friend see's you will be out of town, your just asking for trouble.

One STRONG suggestion is to allow people to post their attending an event blind. So the name is registered, but is listed as blind or not shown at all on these disc golf sites. Your just inviting the soft under belly of society that believes it's easier to take than to get a job and buy **** with their own money. Feel bad for the dude, I hope all his stuff gets returned.

Peace Out.