Joshua Lammerding  › Trumbull County Disc Golf Association   August 26, 2011 at 12:41am

I just met with the Churchill Park coordinator and theLiberty Township code enforcement officer at 3:00pm today. I had my basket set up where I want to have a green and set up discs to mark a tee pad. I threw a few drives, let them huck some of my plastic, taught them to putt from ten feet and they are completely into the idea of a course. In fact, the code enforcement officer plays once a week at Young's Run in Warren .

They did however ask me how it was going to be financed. My employer is already on board to sponsor a hole and the park coordinator was listing different funding options we already have available.

Right now, I'm mapping out where holes would be and writing up a hole sponsorship proposal for local businesses. I'm also starting to look for people to help with ANY part of this project.