Jamie Adams  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   May 15, 2012 at 1:29am

It's almost time! Hilltop DGC is about ready to go in- course installation to start this week! There will be a work party Thursday May 16, 6pm to get things going. The hill is still thawing but Rick is eager to get the course in for everyone to enjoy- the hill is muddy and sloppy as of today, so boots/mud footwear are suggested and definitely in style right now. Thanks to the hard work of you volunteers last season, installation should go pretty quick and smooth this year! The weather is supposed to be nice, and the views will be fantastic, hope to see you there!

Installation work party, Thursday May 17, 6pm @ Hilltop

Hilltop Chalet & Information, Rick Cramer 346-1446