Patrick Fulkerson  › Charlotte Disc Golf Association   September 9, 2011 at 6:57pm

I am baffled by your approach/attitude larry. You make it sound sound like these guys are not doing a good job. Frankly they got the job last year as they are the only ones trying to better the club anyway even as just members they helped out, did stuff to improve the club because they wanted it to improve. From what i can see they are still the only ones doing stuff for the club to better it. Getting sponsers, showing up hours early to set up for tournaments, mowing some the course with push mowers, talking with city council, park rec board..ect and these people did all this before even asked or required by there positions. And you say these people make you sick....people who **** about people busting there asses in there free time to make your disc golf experience the best they can make it makes me sick. The job they posses is not a popularity contest its a comment to help the club regardless of the **** people give them. My opinion theres not a single person not already on the board putting in the effort to get nominated for a spot anyway. Another thing to realize is this is the first year this club has had board members it use to be ran completely by one couple and they did amazing, so it will take some time before a club gets its style and groove going. Your opinions matter they listen to all suggestions complaints and comments. Just make them constructive and show up to the board meetings to express your opinions. ****ing just to **** solves nothing.