Steven Sharp  › Team Utah Disc Golf   August 5, 2011 at 6:32pm

Here is an email that Craig Myrick received yesterday concerning the course at Art Dye:


I hope it's okay to contact you about the Art Dye Disc Golf Course.

I'm new to the sport, and recently played the Art Dye course in American Fork, where I regularly fly RC planes. Seeing all the guys walking into the woods with frisbees is how I got interested.

Anyway, I noticed on almost all of the web sites pertaining to disc golf that our course at Art Dye is heavily criticized as being both terribly messy, and very difficult to navigate for newcomers. I concur with those points. My son has been looking for something to do for his eagle project for scouting, and I suggested doing a clean-up project for the Art Dye course, and laying down new markers for many of the difficult to see launch points.

We got the project approved with AF city and plan on doing the project this Saturday evening, August 6th, starting around 5:30 p.m.

I you know of any way to advertise this to the guys who play that course, it'd be super cool to get some adult help hauling out some of the larger trash heap things in those woods so we can load them on trailers and get that junk out of there. Do you have a contact list of any sort, emails or phone numbers, or a forum where this could be posted? I know my son would be excited to see some frisbee golfers show up to help.

The one thing it'd be nice to have is one of the Team Utah leaders come out and support us, at the very least help us figure out what to do with the launch points that are missing on hole #1 and some of the others that just aren't there any more (due to the city's tractors plowing them under). That'd be sweet.

Please call me when you get this message.

Todd Sheridan