Chris Goodrich  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   July 19, 2011 at 7:44am

The problem is it isn't a small percentage. Unfortunately, our club is the small percentage. Yes, the club worked hard (thanks Anchorage guys) to install the baskets, re-work the course, and when our members are there they play with decorum and even pick up after the slackers. But just like in Kenai, it is hard for 8 players to pick up after 50 day after day. I think what Julia needed to write (and this is what I told her) is that the players who she has a hard time with are not disc golfers, they are just recreational throwers who do not appreciate the sport. Yes, they have a disc, but that does not make them a member of the DG community. You become a member of the community when you accept responsibility for yourself and your actions. The club may be able to do a better job monitoring the course, but when Matt tried he felt threatened. At that point a presence more than just a club member needs to be there to enforce civility. That said, I am still all for brainstorming proactive ways to keep Westchester looking nice and the neighborhood happy.