Kyle Rakoz  › F.O.R.E! Youth   July 12, 2011 at 3:53pm

Few things: I apologize for taking so long to get scores up; I've been out of state the past 3 weekends and am still teaching full time (yeah for summer school) and getting ready to move. I pulled the score cards out of storage
So expect scores any day now!

I still have a few FORE 2011 champ makos for sale. Most are max weight. I also have a access to a bunch of glow aviars and champion Katanas from a tournament that didn't happen last weekend; let ms know if you want one, or two, or all three!

Had my first day of teaching the EDGE curriculum yesterday! It was purchased with the funds raised from FORE! Youth 2011. I'll post some pics of the gear and the kiddos enjoying it, thanks again to all the participants.

I'm trying to run a very casual event on August 6th in Toledo Wa. $5 first round, ,$1 ace pot, $1 each additional round. Best score takes home the pot for thier division ($3/5 goes towards the Vision: Toledo project, $1 to pot, $1 to tournament expenses, extra rounds all go in the pot). We'll have amfew Ctps as well.

Stay tuned for more!