John Lorentzen  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 17, 2011 at 6:08pm

Listening to you couple of people complain for the last day, has got me thinking back the last 7 years. Holly cow, we have done a lot! Something like 7 or more local courses, a pile of leagues and tourneys, and the building of what was a strong club. It is truly unfortunate that a few people were hurt along the way. And if it was me doing the hurting, then I apologize. Look at what the efforts of a few people have accomplished! Thanks people that have helped! I sure enjoy having course options! Could you imagine only having the goon still. I know!!! Imagine this, In one hand you have a thousand people golfing. In the other hand you have a couple butt-hurt individuals. What's better? As unfortunate as it is for people to get hurt, it was worth it! You all need to get that "sissy law-law" attitude out of your system, and work on a "can-do" attitude. Or in moving forward, nothing else will be accomplish.