Peter Shiver  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   June 17, 2011 at 2:06am

Asking for help is one thing, guilting them to the point of not wanting to help is another. I think your vision is skewed Brandon, there are a lot of other things that happened behind the scenes that you don't see. When you use something like that as a weapon to use against people, that is not right by ANY matter the motivation or convicted passion behind it. I did try and want to help, but after all this mess with John....forget about it.

It appears to me from the history in this discussion, you have your mouth on John's ass. If it tastes good, let me know....I'll market it to 31 Flavors and we'll call it "Uncle JB's Anal Cream Pie". You guys might make a lot of money off it and be able to perform the action live on stage on the process of making it. I must say though, if i'm your agent in the process, my fee is 100%.