Emma Rose Hanley  › DISC GOLF OR DIE   June 3, 2011 at 12:05am

for those of you who are not playing the Chick Flick Dubs or heading out to Horning's for the Wandering Pea****or just love free stuff, you should check this out:

State Parks Day at Stub Stewart June 4

Hey everyone,

Free day admission and camping at Stub on this Saturday, June 4th. I'll have a table there representing disc golfers and Stumptown. So, if you need a good excuse to golf this course, or if you helped build the course and would like to show it off to others, this would be a good opportunity.

I know there's a couple other disc golf events going on, but since I'm not playing any of them, I figured I could do this. Since Emma and I are locals out here, we were asked to attend the event a couple years ago. We set up a couple baskets and introduced people to the game. That was before the course was completed.

I'll probably still bring a couple baskets, but I'll also direct interested folks out to the course and play a round myself at some point. I'll be out there setting up about 11:30, and will stay through mid-afternoon.



also, any excuse to hang out with my dad... he's super cool if you haven't met him yet and can back up one of the most consistent games i've ever known backed up by 30+ years of experience.

peace threw disc golf,