Brady Boyter  › NUDGA   May 12, 2011 at 3:58am

I can agree that the hazing may be getting out of hand. it sounds like there will be some toning down. however, we cant alienate the people that are good for the game (you know who you are). i heard many rumors about what chris has or has not done, i dont know what is true or false. if chris has done something to you that has made you mad or done you wrong in some way, you have a right to be pissed. if bro doesnt want to be around chris he shouldnt have to be, even if he is in a position on the NUDGA board. i try my damndest to get a long with everyone i meet until given a reason not to, i hope we all try to do the same. for those of you with a true beef with chris steer clear of him. for those who dont, dont blindly fallow those who do. lets all be civil. approach every situation with what you KNOW is fact. as for high school sh*t, this f*cking web sight is drama. there is so much ****ing and moaning done on this sight it makes me sick. it is a liability to log on to the scene. cheers NUDGAs. lets all be reasonable with one another and stay below par!