Kyle Fendrick  › NUDGA   May 11, 2011 at 2:55pm

First off I doubt that Chris is ten times cooler than anything...just kidding Chris. Secondly, I have to agree with Nigel this b.s. is just getting annoying now. So some people have a problem with the guy, so what? Do people really need to revert back to like sixth grade and act like bullies out to take the dude's milk money? Sorry to say Chris but, yes I think that you're pretty annoying at times. Talking too damn much, trying to give people advice that REALLY don't want your advice, telling every single damn person that you got a new disc every single time you get a new disc (yes I've heard about the more serious things too but I've never seen it myself so I won't judge). Sure that stuff can make me want to sock you in the mouth (not not really). But seriously this prop 86 **** looks an awful lot like the mean spirited bullying that I'm pretty sure we have all grown out of by now (or should have grown out of at least). That's my opinion and thanks Nigel for having the balls to bring this up in the first place