Nigel Martinez  › NUDGA   May 11, 2011 at 12:36am

Your right Brodey SOME people forgot what beein a nudga is all about. I thought that nudga accepts everyone no matter what, as long as people pay thier dues and support the club. But honestly the whole prop 86 thing was funny the first hundred times it was said. I dont see any reason for treating a fellow disc golfer like that. Its high school bull crap. He aint that bad of a guy. What is everyones true reason for treatin him so bad? Cause he is annoying? Cause he did somethin to somebody else??pretty bad when a group who says they want to progres the sport treats people like trash. If YOU dont like him, cool it is what it is. But for you as a staff member should probably rethink how you treat fellow nudgas. It is kinda jacked up that a person in leader position treats somebody like that. The leaders of the club should be welcoming to anyone no matter the situation. I aint bestbuds with him but he aint a bad guy. And for everyone to keep this up is sad. By the way remove me from your friends list. Cause chris is ten times cooler than that.