eric centanni  › summit dga   April 15, 2011 at 7:43am

yeah ryan "the hoff" b. its just like hitting up those mountain bike trails, standard clean up you busted up more than a few of those stumps last saturday. just making it enjoyable to traverse

the inlet for the long hole 12 is finished thanks to the guys at the parks system.
they will be helping us with clearing, using the tractors, brush hog and wood chipper. the ground is a bit too soggy to get the equipment back there for now, so until then we need to open it up as much as possible.
new 13 is about half opened up, you can make the drive up the hill but were the basket is located needs a bit more clearing of some bushes and small stumps (3")
new 14 has the center of the fairway cut out but the edges of the fairway need trimmed up.
new 15 is a natural fairway, we have already cut down most of the under growth. there is a little bit of small stump work on this hole as well as about 9 large downed trees (10"-18") that need removed.
new 16 just needs some cleaning up of twigs and 1 or 2 downed trees to cut up
new 17 is good
oh yeah, we have to keep the piles of schule near the path so it is easier to get the wood chipper to.

katie and i will be at the ironwood this weekend but next week we will have to have club work day. lunch provided.