eric centanni  › summit dga   April 15, 2011 at 3:29am

I got about 3 solid hours of course work in today, if anyone wants to walk the new holes or take it upon themselves to do some clean up here ya go. Current holes 13 14 15 16 and 18 will be removed. Hole 12 will be tucked into the woods across the creek putting the D at about 430. The pin location is marked by a post and caution tape. From there walk 100ft north to a tee pad marked by flags look up the hill east. The new hole 13 is about 330 up hill with a 90 degree turn right. The pin will be hanging from the huge tree. From there cross the path east about 80ft and look north new 14 will be a 220ft tunnel shot to a guarded green. From there walk about 90 ft north east to the flags and face south east. The new 15 will be a 350ft tunnel anny with mature trees lining the Fairway. From there walk the path south west to the flags on your left. New hole 16 will be a light hyzer almost strait through a mature group of woods with no shule 300ft. Then walk toward the lake and stand on the flat area overlooking current hole 13. The pin will be right on top of current 13 tee about 450ft anny. Hole 17 will be the new 18 and we will buy a new pin to replace 18 for a practice basket.