Patrick Fulkerson  › Charlotte Disc Golf Association   May 21, 2012 at 12:16pm

Frankly as a club this issue has already been debated and discussed.
I do not care what your habits are, if your a pot head, a drunk, or what ever. No one really does.
I do have an issue with anyone doing drugs in front of kids its unacceptable. If this makes me controlling or petty because I wont tolerate it then so be it.

I do not care if you have a Pot card, I've already posted the Michigan statue law on what that card allows you to do. I also do not care if the kid has seen it before, or you do it in front of this kid all the time. Any kid on the course has no reason to be subject to your bad habits. I thought I was being generous enough when I asked that you guys go to woods, do what you have to do and come back.. but no instead you light it up and pass it back and forth around a kid.

If the people we are loosing in the league/club are people who have no respect for others especially other peoples children. Then its not really a loss. Disc golf is suppose to be a family sport, and I myself try and promote it as such. Hard to do when parents cant take their kids out with out the fear of pot heads passing them a joint, or passing a joint around them.

I will not argue and debate over this issue any farther, Anyone who knows me or has even been around CDGA, knows my stance on the issue, and to be fair the first person to tell you it wasn't right and not to do it wasn't on the board he was just a disc golfer trying to play dubs.