Jamie Adams  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   December 22, 2010 at 4:59am


As for the ADGA being/becoming Anchorage Disc Golf Association and a separate board being created for the Alaska Disc Golf Association? Well, the next time that more than 5 people show up to a board election so that we HAVE choices will be a step forward. The "election" of our leader? David, myself, and Brian sitting around a $5 pizza at the Mill. Thank you Brian, for stepping up and putting yourself out there, and for the huge things you did get accomplished. It's been a rough year.

Those that want to get involved in promoting disc golf at a statewide (and bigger!) level need to take the steps to have successful local events, and drive local participation and support. I spoke with Edan about using this example -There is not much benefit to the players when there are only 2 locals at an event-that is a failure at the local level. If you have more of a rec crowd- what are you doing to recruit those people into organized disc golf? How can we entice those one-round-n-done-players to want to play in tournaments? What benefits are you providing your players? These are theoretical questions everyone involved can all ask ourselves.

An option to look at without spreading the resources too thin could be to have a reps from each established/growing/planned disc golf community in Committee with the VP. That could be a great task force for the VP to head up and make sure that all needs/wants/plans are communicated with the Alaska Disc Golf Association. We have also been in discussion about a better way to include call-ins for meetings so that the board meeting is not interrupted by the outside distractions on the call and the people calling in can actually hear the proceedings.

Disc Golfers are a small group in a big state, and input from and support for all areas is important- however we need to ensure we do not spread our resources (man power) too thin to be effective or productive. If we have a sudden surge of people that are committed and able to prove themselves and the ADGA explodes this year then AWESOME!; lets look at options then. However, history being fact- we have always come up short there.

If anything at this point the Alaska Disc Golf Association should keep its title, mission, and energy going and assist the local organizations in getting on their feet as we have in the past- like Kurtis/Homer crew reaching out to Seward to make their course a reality, like the participant support in Homer, like getting the Fairbanks crew on their feet and going this year. We have a lot to get done, a lot to look forward too, and not a lot of time. Let's not split up, let's unite.