Dale Rogan  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   December 14, 2010 at 2:38am

I've heard so much about all of this and I'm finally glad that it is over. All of this didn't even need to happen, everybody just needed to STFU and wait for the state coordinator to make the decision based on the 411 from those in power.

John may have done a lot for disc golf and the community, but he has also done a lot to divide the community (at least as of late). I'm sure he says that he did this in the name of honor and making people responsible. Responsible for what!? Responsible for something they don’t have the choice or power over? I think it is a smoke screen so people don't put him under the microscope and dissect all his issues. Seems to me he likes to do that to others. I'm sure some of this was to cater to his ego and cause a big stink. After all that I’ve heard and seen, John solicited peeps before that last meeting to get as many as possible to nail the Prez to the wall and attempt to assassinate his character...and for what!? He resigned and made one of the pillars of the community leave...

I hate to say, but I won't be doing anything with the ADGA as long as John is involved or his PICs.

Nice Job John, hope you can sleep at night.

Aside from all that, I’ll give credit where it is due. Gratz on the 2011 USDGC bid John….rep AK well