Zoe AnDyke  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   November 30, 2010 at 7:41am

Hey Sean-
I don't know what your trying to do here, but I'll tell you what i'm trying to do. I am doing everything in my power to ensure that the thoughts of disc golfers are conveyed to our SC. Everyone on that document knowingly committed to sharing their views. If you do not feel that way I apologize for not being even more clear. How dare you try to tear down the credibility of that document, and me. You should be ashamed of yourself. Remember Sean- we are on the same team- just disc golfers. It's been clear all year that on and off the course you didn't want to volunteer your efforts in being a contributing board member. In saying that- do not continue your pattern by tearing apart positive efforts in disc golf.
I apologize for approaching you in this manner- but I tried more than once to get a hold of you this evening and you avoided my contact. This is NOT my style, I felt like I had to stoop to a lower level to ensure that my word and reputation is true and fair!!!
Now Please cut the crap.
If you feel THIS conversation need continue- CALL ME!!