AK Discer  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   November 30, 2010 at 9:55am

My statement was construed as me changing my mind? My mind never changed, I was undecided by saying I can see both points of view. There was nothing listed in my previous statement that I decided one way or another. I remember when the point series was near final decision...it was for the 2011 bid, not 2012. We don’t have the ability to foresee what anyone involved in disc golf is going to do or not do.

I would like to see the governance that the ADGA has over the State Coordinator in writing from the PDGA’s website. I tried looking myself and wasn’t able to find anything intelligible or argument relative (if someone has this, please send to me).

I believe the reason why a sound conclusion cannot be made by some people is the lack of information. I believe the purposeful omission of facts and not telling the whole truth is beguiling and the epitome of deception. What needs to happen is all the facts need to be stated and ONLY the facts that pertain to this very topic. Then can we digest and make a final decision (if “we” have the power to do so by the PDGA). As far as I’ve known and have been told by more than not, the SC has the final word. All of this seems moot at this point as it comes down to one person and not a majority vote.

I challenge all of those that have made up their mind either way or are still undecided to think…

Think about the simplicity of this matter and if you have all the facts regardless of what you’ve been told and inquire. There are some people that have an opinion that has been stated or have not been stated. I fear it might be that they don’t want to say otherwise because of some form of confrontation or are sick of discussing it. I’ve already heard of people that have been “quoted” that have said the opposite. At this point it is a game of tit for tat, subjective reasoning, or desperation. If it is subjective reasoning that is preventing the final decision, then know that it is because all the facts are being heavily weighed before finality is disclosed. This is the duty of the SC first before anything else and it also the person that the majority elected (more than once). The majority elected an official to make this decision for us and like decisions for disc golf in Alaska.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the parties involved and the “moral dilemma”, but this is how the chips fell. So unless the PDGA has a fall back method for this situation, then it is what it is.

When closure will finally be reached, we need not speak of this anymore as this anchor has held down disc golf too much. Regardless of the decision stated, this drama needs to die with decision stated. We have so much to do and think about for next year, our energies and blood pressure will be much better served.