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Just so you are aware of the player’s true thoughts in this matter, I have compiled these quotes. I asked the same question below to all those listed, and these are their responses- used with their permission.

Should the USDGC bid be paid out for this year’s series?

Andy S. “I think the prize should be honored. It would be foolish not too.”

Greg R. “It should definitely pay out. We were playing for the next USDGC bid.”

Luke M. unable to reach for comment (I tried four times)

Donny W. “John should have the bid. It’s false advertising not to pay it out.”

David F. “If the other open players agree to pay it out, then I agree.”

Jackson “Yes it should pay out. That’s the prize that we were playing for.”

Cam C. “As a fellow leader in our sport, if I say I’m going to pay something out, I pay it out! There is no question John won the series, so he should get the bid.”

Jud H. “Based on this years series, the USDGC bid should absolutely be paid out this year.”

Chuck P. “Its John’s bid! The original intent was to pay out the next bid.”

Kurtis S. “Undecided”

John L. “Without a doubt the bid should pay out this year.”

Johnny S. “John won, so give him the bid. It’s as simple as that. Then move on!!!”

Josh J. “You can’t offer a prize and then take it away; you cannot re-****like that! The bid should go to John”

Sean P. “The bid should go to John. I don’t care at all, because this has become too difficult to deal with. I just want this to be done.”

Jeremy B. “Well yes, it should pay out. The knowledge of the cancelation was not out when we started the series. Therefore we must honor it.”

Chris G. “He won a USDGC bid, and I don’t think any of us should vote to take it away.”

Zach B. “John should be awarded the prize that he won. The next USDGC bid.”

Jamie A. “John won the series, so John should get the bid to the next USDGC.”

Brian G. “No comment”

I hope you are as open to receiving this input as you stated you were. I’m sure this will help make your decision very easy.

Thank you John Lorentzen