John Minicuci  › Motor City Chain Gang   October 21, 2010 at 5:30am

Sunnybrook Golf Course - Very good opportunity to host the Turkey Open here on Nove. 6th.
Baskets, baskets, baskets...
We need 18 of 'em plus a couple of practice ones.
Here is what we have so far
1. John (Chainstar w/wheel)
2. John (Chainstar w/wheel)
3. John (Innova DISCatcher Sport)
4. John (Innova DISCatcher Sport)
5. MCCG (Chainstar w/wheel)
6. Damon (Chainstar w/wheel)
7. Damon (Chainstar w/wheel)
8. Damon (Chainstar w/wheel)
9. Bauman (Chainstar w/wheel)
10. Schulte (Chainstar w/wheel)
11. Chisolm (Chainstar w/wheel)
12. Joe Olson (Chainstar w/wheel)
13. Lance Bayliss (Chainstar w/wheel)
14. Lance Bayliss (Chainstar w/wheel)
15. Lance Bayliss (Innova DISCatcher Sport)
16. Ryan Herzog (Mach-version)

1. Steve Sevonty (DG5)