Brandon Bueter  › Alaska Disc Golf Association   November 29, 2010 at 8:30pm

From an outsider looking in...
The PDGA state coordinator would not exist without the ADGA, the ADGA has created the need for a PDGA state coordinator. So in all reality yes the ADGA should have some say in what goes on with this matter and should ensure that it is enforced. This discussion is completely unnecessary, Edan if you had won this bid would there even be a discussion or would you just snatch that bid right up? I think there is a conflict of interest here, I see the second place finisher in the points series is trying to make the decision here ( should i give it to the winner or should I not and maybe next year I can win it for myself) not saying that is the thoughts but who keeps you in check from doing that? Just a thought

Edan I think you know the answer to all of this so do the right thing..