Zachary Vaughn  › Northern Waters Series   July 28, 2010 at 8:17am

Hey Mike. If you look at the post directly below yours, you'll see the Ace Pool rules for the event. This was posted on both registration pages here on DGS and also on our website. The only shady business that is going on here is the Car dealership stiffing us the day of. Next year we'll be sure to get the vehicle before advertising for for that, all of the NWS staff is sorry for the fallout.

There isn't anything written in stone about how an ace pool is conducted. It is a side game and up to the person registering whether or not they want to get in. In fact, our ace pool even without the car was a higher value than the money put in. There was still time to get into the skins finals after HHO. If you played HHO, you could play the Sleeping Bear Summit and Bear River Rumble to get into Finals. 3 events and you are qualified.

If you run some numbers, I think you'd be pretty happy with what the HHO offered in terms of value to the players. $1000 added to the pro purses, CTP's for all divisions, the Ams made out like bandits with 150%+ payouts, trophies, 10m circles, and a manicured playing surface. Again, we're sorry for the car mishap, but I'm thinking we'll figure out a way to make it up to the players at next year's event.