Rick Wardell  › NUDGA   June 4, 2010 at 10:17pm

I just talked to the city and they informed me that they are getting some complaints about people drinking alcohol and dogs on the loose. Both of those could get someone a citation. Far be it for me to say you cant do that stuff, but we need to start to keep things on the down low and let others now. With so many people playing now it doesn’t look good for people to be drinking in the parking lot especially and leaving empty 12 pack cartons laying around. This is a subject that I hate putting on any Disc Golf web site, but we need to maybe kick it down a notch or two. Just don’t be so obvious. If you see a family, put the beer away. If you see someone on the path, put the beer away. If your dog is running amuck and you cant control it, put it on a leash. It should be anyway.

Also I heard (not from the city) that people are being rude to folks on the trail. If some one is on the trail and they stop in the way, you need to wait for them. If they stay for a long time, go to them and educate them about the course, and ask them to relocate nicely. Don’t just yell at them to move. The park is for everyone, not just Disc Golfers. I would hate to hear that NUDGA members are doing this last part, but again we need to educate folks.