Kent Holsten  › NUDGA   January 12, 2010 at 7:14am

Our new tags should be here within a week. They are metal tags this year with NUDGA logo on them plus 2010. The problem is we will have to stamp the numbers ourselves because the cost to screen each number was pretty pricey. I have some metal stamps at work and have offers for help so it won't take long. Five different colors will be used and they should be really nice. A NUDGA decision was made and you must renew your membership before you can get a new tag. Renewal is fifteen dollars. Last year we gave discs to all members who joined or renewed. This year we will do something also. Any ideas? Maybe hats, minis, or discs again. We had 71 new members in 2009 and now have 209 total. We will continue changing out baskets and adding new placements in the coming year. Only 68 days til spring.