Rick Wardell  › NUDGA   November 9, 2009 at 9:11pm

Just wanted to say thanks to all who turned out to work Saturday. We got allot of work done. Still need more but with only 2 trucks. Blain’s truck =s, 3 of mine. I believe we got all that could be done in the time allotted. I would still like to get the trail from basket 15 to the road, and down from the road to the lower level towards tee 8, and from Basket 9 to tee pad 10 maybe. It gets pretty bad on those trails in the winter.

The new basket placements are going to be great. Hopefully we can get them in Tuesday after work. Thanks Kent, Rod, and Josh for that. The Blain, Big Jim, Cody, Stu, and I know I am leaving someone out crew, did a great job on the 10, 11, 12, and 14 holes. Looks good! Kelly and partner/son did a nice job around the holes 1, and 2 holes. They only had wheelbarrows, and got allot done close to the chip pile. Not to mention they helped load trucks when we pulled up. Excellent work. Tony, two other guys ,and I got the trail from basket 2 to tee 3, and the trail from basket 7 to the road, and laid in dirt around tees 4, and 17. Don’t think it’s going to stay. The dirt was a little loose, and wouldn’t pack down.

I know I left out several people. I am sorry I am horrible with names. Even names I should know by now. Great turn out!

I need a crew to come to my house and rake leaves. Can’t see my grass front, and back. No really it will be fun! Any volunteers?