David Skidmore  › Charlotte Disc Golf Association   August 11, 2009 at 5:50am

I spoke at the city council meeting tonight about playing disc golf at Lincoln Park on Saturday nights. I stated that we would start at dusk and try to finish before the park closes, but that we would probably run past 10:00. They all agreed that if we called the police to let them know we were playing a particular night that it would be fine, but they did not mean that this was OK if we were there “..for hours” after the park closed.
I take “hours” as plural – that means we’re good up to 11:59 (a single hour and 59 minutes).
Meet a bit before dusk – maybe 8:15 or so. Sunset is listed as 8:40. I can call the police department in advance so they know we plan to play this Saturday, weather permitting.
See you Saturday!